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Sunday, November 8, 2015

How to cook a sirloin steak on the grill and oven

Learn How to cook a sirloin steak on the grill and oven. Today we share step by step sirloin cooking instruction so you can make the perfect Top Sirloin steak.

 Hi, I’m Chef Philippe, corporate chef for Chicago Steak Company, and welcome to my kitchen. Today we’re looking at the flavor-packed USDA Prime Top Sirloin.

First, I want to talk a little bit about the steak and then we will dive into step by step cooking instructions so you can make the perfect Top Sirloin steak. Top Sirloin is known as the lean cut of steak with a very beefy flavor. It is important to note that it is a TOP sirloin; it’s different from a bottom sirloin or simply a sirloin steak. The Top Sirloin is the most prized of the sirloin steak because it has a greater degree of tenderness. One thing to keep in mind this is a very lean steak so it is very, very important that we are careful on the cooking procedure of this steak.  As you will see later on, this steak is cooked very quickly on the grill, finished in the oven for about 2-3 minutes. You really want to be able to eat this steak at a medium stage; no more than that.

Let’s take a look at our Top Sirloin. This is a USDA Prime Top Sirloin steak which means it comes from the top 2% of beef in the U.S. We also offer an upper 1/3 USDA Choice line of steaks, which are steaks that just missed the USDA Prime grade, but don’t have the ticket price attached with USDA Prime. Today we are going to be cooking a USDA Prime Wet Aged Top steak. You may be asking: What is a wet-aged steak? That is a great question and I encourage you to watch our distinction video where I talk about that in more detail. In short, aging is a process that makes a steak more flavorful, juicy and delicious.

There are two methods of aging: wet aging and dry aging. We offer both. You’ve received our steaks, they came frozen to you; make sure you place them in a refrigerator for 24 hours to give them a chance to thaw out overnight. We have done so and as you can see here, we have 2 Top Sirloins. One that I have taken out already and the other one that is still in the bag. It’s crucial that you take these steaks out 30 minutes before you are planning on cooking them to give them an opportunity to bloom and to make sure that your steak is at room temperature so that when we place them on the grill the steak will cook evenly all the way through.

Your steaks have been out now for 30 minutes. What we need to do next is to make sure that we are generously seasoning the steak with our Chicago Steak seasoning that will give it this flavor and crustiness that we are looking for. The other reason that we are seasoning this steak now and then wait 5 minutes is to make sure that the flavor profile of the seasoning penetrates all the way through the beef which is very important. You never want to put seasoning on a steak and place it on the grill as the salt will draw out all the moisture and dry out your steaks. Let’s be generous and put some seasonings on these Top Sirloins.

Now, we’ll wait 5 minutes. While we’re waiting and making sure that our seasoning is penetrating through the beef we will make sure that we oil our grill grate. All we want to do is take a little bit of vegetable oil and just slightly brush it on the grill. That will make sure that your top sirloin never ever sticks to your grill which is key to an excellent steak.  Let’s put this Top Sirloin steak on this grill and let’s cook it perfectly. A minute on both sides; great crust, great crisp. Let’s get it on. One minute and we’ll flip. It’s been a minute and half, both sides are done; let’s put into our pre-heated oven. It’s been five minutes, let’s take these steaks out.

If you take a look at the steaks you can see how nice, plump and juicy it is. What we want to make sure is that for the next 3 minutes we are going to leave the steaks to sit and rest so that the juices reabsorb. It’s been 3 minutes, our Top Sirloins have had a chance to rest, now let’s slice into it. Oh my goodness, look at this steak! It’s absolutely, perfectly done. A nice medium. You know what I have to do- I have to steal a little piece to make sure it’s good! The nice beefy flavor, the chew is absolutely incredible. Top Sirloin steak grilled to perfection just the way you are going to enjoy it.

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to cook a burger on the grill Perfectly

Today I am showing how to grow a magnificent burger On the grill. Now gonna show you some basic tips to make the perfect burger On the grill and it all starts with the best hamburger.

Preparing a burger for Grill:

Eighty-twenty is what you want to go for so always find a butcher that if u can he drives his own hamburger, but you want a ratio eighty percent the twenty percent fat that makes the perfect burger.
make this size divided in two sidebars you want or you can order online for steak burger. order online = . I think one of those important things don't overwork the burger when you're making the paddy don't overwork it
Again it doesn't have to be perfectly round there you want to try to get it to the right thinness and again don't worry that got belligerent and all inspired and anything always fine.
I know everybody knows this guy is burgers come off it looks like a football and then the first thing he doesn't think it's back to work slammed it down the grill. but what we like to do is we'd like to. we like to do comic strip the burger a little bit taken make a little indentation in there so.
when it starts cook or grill even after the other side of the burger and just like the steak after the overseas in the Burger.
Now we add some flavor on this burger. Add both sides Chicago steak seasoning and some virgin oil for more flavor.
we're ready for a burger on the grill again the screen and hot grill. Frist time We used a brush and take some vegetable oil and brush grill stick. Now going to take our burgers and put on the grill. one thing about hamburgers lets you know where you need a ground out whether it's freshly ground.
whether it's right out of the story you always want to cook the burger the way through. Freshly ground then you cook a temperature. Medium-rare medium burgers fine, otherwise with the way hamburgers may you're better off being safe cooking get all the way through which is in excess of a hundred and fifty degrees.
After three or four minutes later u see good grill marks.Just grill another site a few minute. so we got some great grill marks that those who have been fantastic. Now we Grill Burger Bread 30 or fourth-second need a good grill mark.
Now time to check another side check if u see burger steak cook perfectly u stop grilling and keep burger steak on a plate and rest for few minute. Keep Burger steak On burger bread and see it looks like a Hamburger.
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

How to cook a sirloin steak perfectly

Today I am showing How to cook a steak perfectly. You can do it at home so let's talk makes you go to start with the best that means American top-quality USDA 2% prime steak.

How to Cook a perfect steak on the Oven 

I picked up this state from Chicago steak Company. I actually didn't know until recently that they carry American top-quality USDA 2% prime steak.These many the same supplies a stock the other major American changes.

Whatever here is a t-bone steak one in my favor cuts because it incorporates
two different cuts of meat on this side you've got the tenderloin which is the granddaddy have tenderness very lean cut of meat and on the other side you got the sirloin or
otherwise known as the new york cut.

little more marbles noticed end up but more flavor with the pieces me like this there's not
a lot I like to do it just a little bit about oil. I used Chicago steak seasoning for  more flavor.
Good healthy sprinkling salt make sure that spread evenly on both sides and pepper very generous with your paper is well. I gonna to the steak in two phases,

1. I've got a grill pan on a medium to high heat.
2. preset my oven for 450 us run gonna finish it.

I don't need oil the grill pan because I'm good enough oil on my steak. That's sear you're hearing is the sound of flavor developing those charm marks on the outside.In Summer U can try to grill ribeye steak

The reason why me mistakes so open six with pan. Because you have a lead.
its sear enough for you moved. So really let it sit there but those proteins caramelized bind to each other and not to the pan.

I've let that sit for about a minute and a half and now I'm gonna turn it 90 degrees just to get those lovely crosshatch marks.

Two minutes in total now I'm in turn it over. I have given that about two minutes per side. Now I'm gonna slide in my oven to 450 given about 4-5 minutes now. There that steak was in the oven for about five minutes and now I'm gonna let it rest
for another five that is so important because redistribute the juices throughout the
me and guarantee that is juiced. I'm gonna do to remove that
tenderloin from the t-bone. Cooking on the bond guarantees it's beautiful and moist.

then I'm gonna remove the steak fully from t-bone.

this is my sirloin perfectly cooked medium rare to medium moist contender and my tenderloin beautiful pink in the middle.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to cook Tomahawk Ribeyes steak on the grill

Learn how to cook Tomahawk Ribeyes steak? Today I'm gonna showing grill a Tomahawk Ribeye steak from Chicago Steak Company.

Hey everybody welcomes to the Wolfe Pit.These are USDA Prime Ribeyes that have been dry aged for six weeks so let's get started. The gourmet meat used for today's video were provided by my friends at the Chicago Steak Company who supply steaks to 5 star restaurants across the US and who ship these steaks directly to your home on dry ice so you can enjoy the Ultimate Steak Experience. By the way, they have excellent video and article resources on their site Just click the Steak University link on top of the page.

Now let's open the box and see how our steaks are shipped. Now let's see what we have here we have a brochure, a $25 gift check and a packing slip. Now let's get our meat out. Everything is really nicely packed with plenty of dry ice left. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning! Alright, a nice grillmaster apron and a bottle of steak seasoning and now for what I have been waiting for, the Tomahawk Ribeyes. Still frozen solid and sealed tight with the Cryovac. Look at that monster and right now while there still frozen solid you can put them in a freezer or do what I'm gonna do and put them on a cookie sheet and let them thaw slowly in the fridge for about 24 hours.

24 hours later and there completely thawed so let's get them out of the Cryovac and get them ready to grill look at all that beautiful marbling and what I'm going to do is drizzle some extra virgin olive oil all over the steaks now I'm gonna very liberally season both sides of the steak with Chicago Steak Company Steak Seasoning. This is a large piece of meat and it's gonna take a lot of seasonings now rub the seasoning into the meat and repeat on the other side with these steaks being so thick.

I'm gonna start off with a reverse sear and cook these indirect at 250 degrees until the steaks reach an internal temperature of between 110 and 115 degrees. After 45 minutes at 250 degrees, our steaks have an internal temperature of an 115 degrees now I'm gonna remove them and let them rest while I crank up the heat to about 600degrees. And now for the sear I'm gonna sear these for about 5 minutes per side until they reach an internal temperature of a 135 degrees.

Now after a 10-minute rest that will give us a medium finish. After about 2 and a half minutes, I'm gonna give them a quarter turn for the nice hash marks. Now after 5 minutes I'm gonna give them a flip for 5 minutes on the other side.

And there you have it Prime and Aged for 6 weeks Tomahawk Ribeyes. I have never had a steak this good the flavor and the tenderness and the richness is absolutely amazing! One of the best steaks I'll ever have! Thank you guys very much for watching. I hope you give these a try and I'll see you next time. Thanks for watching Steak University TV.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Image Of Chicago steak Company

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